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[Archive] Gowntown


Gowntown sprung from the many questions raised by Columbia University’s expansion into Manhattanville. As urban universities grow, might there be a better way to equitably spread resounding impacts and resources to surrounding neighborhoods? Might there be a way to better connect higher education with all other levels of education and training? Might there be a better way to interface with community members and groups so that the evolution of these neighborhoods can happen on their terms? Might there be a better way for institutions, large and small, to be stewards of the natural world?

Gowntown proposes a planning paradigm focused on institutional and environmental connections. It uses Columbia University and the Manhattanville neighborhood as a case study in design and planning. The plan suggests that by improving the physical and social connections between educational, cultural and human service institutions, their collective impact on the communities they serve can be greatly augmented. 

Gowntown is part of UR (Urban Research), Terreform's imprint. More information here.

Robin Balles Cervantes
Michela Barone Lumaga
Leslie Billheymer
Monica Datta
Nadia Doukhi
Christian Eusebio
Lior Galilli
Natalia Gandarillas
Trudy Giordano
Madeline Griffith
Ying Liu
Andrew Moon
Madeline Muldoon
Jonathan Ngo
Aysegul Didem Ozdemir
Vyjayanthi Rao
Shiori Sasaki
Malica Schmidt
Christina Serifi
Max Thorn
Hannes Van Damme
Louyi Yin


Principal Researchers
Maria Cecilia Fagel
Jie Gu
Andrea Johnson
Francis Milloy
Michael Parkinson
Ana Penalba
Anna Shapiro
Fern Lan Siew

Publication Designer
Isaac Gertman

Project Director
Michael Sorkin