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[Archive] New York Steady State

New York City (Steady) State

New York City (Steady) State was initiated during Terreform's inception. This long-term inquiry seeks to answer the question: can New York City become self-sufficient within its political boundaries?

Intended to be an alternative master plan for the city’s future, this study investigates the possibility for urban self-reliance in such areas as food, energy, waste, water, air supply and quality, manufacture, employment, culture, health, and transport. The predicate of the study lies both in questions of the limits of sustainability and in response to the failures of democratic autonomy within an increasingly globalized economy. It aims to produce more than a dramatic new plan for the future of New York; it seeks to compile an inventory of best practices that are relevant to cities around the world.
In short, it asks a larger question: how can we get the ecological footprint of the city to be equivalent to that of its political boundary?

New York City (Steady) State will be a series of publications, each focusing on one of the aforementioned respiratory functions. Each will be its own volume, taking the form of an encyclopedia/design manual hybrid. The series will provide the reader with a unique resource that grants them not only a critical understanding of the issues at hand, but one that also unveils innovative and forward-thinking architectural design solutions across each volume.

Volume 1   Homegrown

Volume 2  Waste Not

Principal Investigators

Aleksandra Djursovic
Andrea Johnson
Aysegul Didem Ozdemir
Michael Parkinson
Ana Penalba
Fern Lan Siew

 Michael Sorkin Studio
Jie Gu
Ying Liu

Project Manager                  Makoto Okazaki

Project Leader                Michael Sorkin


Robin Balles
Brian Baldor
Glen Barfield
Ida Basic
Leslie Billhymer
Sarah Blankenbaker
Patrick Collins
Marta D’Alessandro
Kristina Demund
Laurel Donaldson
Nadia Doukhi
Zach Edelson
Christian Eusebio
Timea Hopp
Lior Galili
Trudy Giordano
Sabine Gittel
Peter Jenkins
Shirish Joshi
Achilleas Kakkkavas
Elena Kapompasopoulou
Jeff Keiter
Corina Kriener
Jair Laiter
Louise Levi
Michela Barone Lumaga
Einatt Manoff
Max Mecklenburg
Francis Milloy
Aysegul Didem Ozdemir
Michelle Pereira
Ben Shepard
Sarah Snider
Auptha Surli Dev
Liam Turkle
Luoyi Yin
Fatemeh Yazdandoust
Christina Yoo