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New York, NY, 10014


[Archive] Our Cities Ourselves

Our Cities Ourselves

Terreform’s proposal for a car-free New York City foregrounds the social logic of movement, and not merely the physics of bodies in space. The project is predicated on urban circulation, growing from a vision not of speed and isolation of modes, but of slow motion and mix.

Ideas have been greatly inspired by experiences in cities in India and the "developing" world, by memories of the spectacle of streets in which traffic is managed not via the fantasy of lamination—every mode isolated vertically in its own space—but by utter mix. The image of roiling sea of pedestrians, scooters, bullock carts, cars, buses, trucks, elephants, bikes, and of course, those enabling cows may not be precisely the model for New York, but it suggests characteristics that seem extremely relevant. The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy commissioned and exhibited this project in New York City, Brazil and Mexico.

Design Team

Leslie A. Billhymer
Aleksandra Djurasovic
Louise Christgau Levi
Francis Milloy
Suptha Surli-Dev

Luoyi Yin

Project Manager
Makoto Okazaki

Project Leader
Michael Sorkin