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[Archive] Second Growth

Second Growth

As the world’s cities are expanding exponentially and new growth is visible everywhere, Second Growth is a project to think about patterns of succession for these ubiquitous environments, whether found on the vast peripheries of the cities of China, in new developments in India, or in the mass housing projects that checker Europe and America.

We all know the pattern: the disengaged, uniform towers, employment at a distance, a life without streets, no culture, minimal infrastructure, boredom, estrangement, the concrete denial of neighborliness. Therefore, we focus in particular on those that are the legacy of modernist writ, spaces of single use, designed for cars, often standing in alienating isolation, and informed by the powerful fantasy of individual buildings afloat in fields of green.
Second Growth is a speculation about strategies for transforming these places into sustainable, humane, equitable, and beautiful environments. The ambition of the project is not to investigate this too general condition but to propose–with aspirations both practical and polemical–forms and directions for its transformation.

We invite contributions in the forms of texts, designs, and documentations that address issues at the intersection of cities, design, urbanization, and sustainability. 
Please inquire via

Project Director
Michael Sorkin

Stefan Al
Denise Hoffman Brandt
Teddy Cruz
Neil Denari
Winka Dubbeldam
Martin Felsen
Jeanne Gang
Nasser Golzari
Richard Hassell
Louisa Hutton
Guilherme Lassance
Julio Salcedo
Yara Sharif
Neil Spiller
Tau Tavengwa
Srdjan Weiss
Wong Mun Summ
Matthias Sauerbruch
Kongjian Yu
(and more to come)