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Researchers Envision A Fully Sustainable New York City

Elisabeth Weiman

The New York City (Steady) State project by Terreform is featured in an article in CBSNEWS titled Researchers Envision a Fully Sustainable New York City. "Our study means to have implications for all cities that are seeking to take greater responsibility for their impact on the planet," writes Michael Sorkin. "We [also] believe that cities are logical increments of political organization, particularly in an era of indifferent multinationals and incompetent nation states."

The study is a work in progress. "We're looking at a wide range of urban respiratory functions, including food, water, air, climate, movement, construction, energy, waste and manufacturing -- and have several years to run in the study," quotes Sorkin. "While much of our work is both formally and politically visionary, it isn't rocket science and we think that there are [many] useful proposal embedded in it."