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UR authors at Brass Screw 2019


UR authors at Brass Screw 2019

Hilary Huckins-Weidner

Mahometan & Celestial, LLC. Invited Lecture: “Seeing Everything, or, Miss Brambleflips and the Amazing Aeroship Teatime.”

Brass Screw is the Pacific Northwest's immersive Steampunk Festival. This year’s event was held in Port Townsend, Washington, one of three US Victorian seaports.

Mahometan & Celestial, LLC. were also invited to lecture at 2017 and 2018 Brass Screw.

Mahometan & Celestial’s Encylopaedic Guide to Modernity

Comprising A Manual Of Useful Instruction Essential To Attainment Of The Urbane By The Savage, The Barbarous, And The Half-Civilized Alike

By Steven Flusty with Pauline C. Yu

The lavishly illustrated book leads the reader through an alternative universe of alt-imperial modernism, resistances, and peculiar material cultural trappings. - Evergreen State College

Steven Flusty is the nom de plume of Tepan Fyodorovich “Hezârfenzade” İfritoğlu Yoldaş-Paşa, noted metropolographer and founder of the Constantinopolitan aëronautical concern Tophane Çelebifabrikası. In conjunction with the celebrated natural historian, polar expeditionist and larval vivisectionist Dr. Celeste Tian, who under the pseudonym of Pauline C. Yu assisted extensively with the preparation of this volume, he is also co-proprietor of the firm Mahometan & Celestial LLC, a foremost purveyor of modernization to crowned heads the world over since the 18th of October 1860.

Flusty is author of books including De-Coca-Colonization: Making the Globe from Inside Out (Routledge, 2004) and Spaces of Postmodernity: Readings in Human Geography (Oxford: Backwell Publishers, 2001), co-edited with Michael Dear. Yu was awarded Post-doctoral Fellow by the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Program where she studied “Effects of ocean acidification on developmental physiology of the Antarctic sea urchin, Sterechinus neumayeri.”