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A Timeline of The Obama Presidential Library and Terreform


A Timeline of The Obama Presidential Library and Terreform

Hilary Huckins-Weidner

Check out this interactive timeline made by Terreform research associate Casey Breen that tracks our work and interest in the development of the Obama Presidential Library.

From South Side Stories project page:

Our goal is to produce a series of proposals–including physical plans–that can channel the great history, energy, and creativity of these communities and leverage the huge impetus that the arrival of the Obama library will bring, not simply to its immediate surroundings but to a territory stretching from Bronzeville to Calumet. We intend to collaborate and work with any organization that looks forward to mobilizing positive changes on the South Side, in particular: the citizens, the city, the community activists, the University of Chicago, and the Obama Foundation.

The project will center itself on the belief that everyone should have access to a parity of rights and expression in developing their communities. A successful plan is one that is premised on the idea of a common “right to the city”, that addresses not only the needs of the community, but also, its desires.