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Michael Sorkin at the Green Living Room - West Woodlawn

Hilary Huckins-Weidner

Michael Sorkin was at the soft opening of the Green Living Room in West Woodlawn, Chicago. Located in 6431 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, the Green Living Room is the result of the work and dedication of Naomi Davis, founder of community nonprofit, Blacks In Green:

Blacks in Green (BIG) serves as a bridge and catalyst among communities and their stakeholders in the design and development of green, self-sustaining, mixed-income, walkable-villages in communities owned and populated by African Americans. In these places, every household can walk-to-work, walk-to-shop, walk-to-learn, walk-to-play, and neighbor dollars circulate to reduce greenhouse gases.

“Woodlawn’s new coffee shop teaches residents about sustainability, green neighborhoods” by Margaret Tazioli for  Curbed Chicago .

“Woodlawn’s new coffee shop teaches residents about sustainability, green neighborhoods” by Margaret Tazioli for Curbed Chicago.

Sorkin shared his housing design and collaborative journey with Davis at the opening. Learn more about Terreform’s work with BIG and Chicago on our South Side Stories project page.

NAOMI DENISE DAVIS: SURTHRIVE! in the cities where an entire acre is impossible to find -- consider the BIG: Blacks in Green BIG Urban Homestead plan and our "House As Garden" design that adapts to common Chicago lot sizes. Our award-winning design is by internationally renowned Michael Sorkin Studio, and we previewed it to standing room only at our #HardHatHappening on 8/31. From fruit/nut orchard and vegetable sanctuary to water reuse and of course solar, we're building a "living building" affordable to the black middle-income purse. Groundbreaking and breaking ground in 2020 -- visit us #TheGreenLivingRoom for info on how to own your own green 4-flat in the 'hood...and start building your family health and wealth!!

From public post below:

A Timeline of The Obama Presidential Library and Terreform

Hilary Huckins-Weidner

Check out this interactive timeline made by Terreform research associate Casey Breen that tracks our work and interest in the development of the Obama Presidential Library.

From South Side Stories project page:

Our goal is to produce a series of proposals–including physical plans–that can channel the great history, energy, and creativity of these communities and leverage the huge impetus that the arrival of the Obama library will bring, not simply to its immediate surroundings but to a territory stretching from Bronzeville to Calumet. We intend to collaborate and work with any organization that looks forward to mobilizing positive changes on the South Side, in particular: the citizens, the city, the community activists, the University of Chicago, and the Obama Foundation.

The project will center itself on the belief that everyone should have access to a parity of rights and expression in developing their communities. A successful plan is one that is premised on the idea of a common “right to the city”, that addresses not only the needs of the community, but also, its desires.

New Terreformers!

Hilary Huckins-Weidner

Meet our new 2019 team members!

Anthropologist and spatial strategist DeNeile Cooper and environmental consultant Oliver Wright are contributing research to Waste Not, the second installment of New York City (Steady) State. Theo Brandt is a student and NYC native assisting on New York City (Steady) State: Home Grown. Casey Breen and Alex Serbanescu are visiting us from the University of Chicago and contributing to South Side Stories.

Learn more about them and the rest of the Terreform team at People.

From left to right: Oliver Wright, Theo Brandt, Casey Breen, DeNeile Cooper, and Alex Serbanescu.

From left to right: Oliver Wright, Theo Brandt, Casey Breen, DeNeile Cooper, and Alex Serbanescu.

The Obama Presidential Center: A Symposium at The University of Chicago

Hilary Huckins-Weidner

Terreform President Michael Sorkin will be a panelist at the University of Chicago's symposium focusing on the Obama Presidential Center's impact on Chicago's South Side. 

The event will take place March 7th, 2018 from 6-8pm at Kent Hall Auditorium, 1020 E. 58th St. Free and open to the public, although registration is required.

More information available here.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 4.54.15 PM.png

South Side Stories - Update

Deen Sharp



Terreform is gearing up for a trip to Chicago next month to charrette with community partners, document sites and circumstances, and finalize our proposal for mobilizing positive changes on the South Side. Our goal is to produce a series of proposals that can channel the great history, energy, and creativity of the communities on the South Side and leverage the huge impetus that the Obama Presidential Center promises to bring. Nonetheless, as concerns mount over the impacts the Center will have on neighborhood economic development, transportation, and open space among others, the time is imminent for alternative visions.  


Promising Developments

Nikhil Sambamurthy

On January 25, Terreform co-organized Promising Developments: Designing Presents and Futures for the South Side of Chicago, a daylong conversation with designers, activists, and planners, with The City College of New York and Experimental Station. 

"The Calumet Collaborations" at SAIC

Hilary Huckins-Weidner

The Calumet Collaborations: Making Many Little Plans is a collective project of a group of architectural schools to investigate an enormous swath of de-industrialized land on the South Side of Chicago, with a supporting ecology that spans state boundaries from Illinois to Michigan. The project includes participants from the City College of New York, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), SAIC, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Harvard University. Using an inductive strategy based on the design of a series of highly-sustainable neighborhoods and founded on a rigorous investigation of existing environments, economies, ecologies, and social networks, the objective is to design a series of interventions—at a wide range of scales and operations—that can lead to futures for an area in search of dramatic transition. Our aim is not simply to produce a series of plans but to invent new styles for cooperative design and a vision for the region.

Panelists: Lee Bey, Brad Hunt, Roberta Feldman, Phil Enquist, Martin Felsen
Moderated by Michael Sorkin

Monday, January 26, 10:30 p.m.–Tuesday, January 27, 1:00 a.m.
School of the Art Institute Chicago
The LeRoy Neiman Center, Sharp Building
37 S. Wabash Ave., 1st floor
Chicago, IL

More event info